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CPC investigates BTV and Nova TV for breaking competition law by Niko Tuparev’s ring of companies was the first to learn that the Commission for Protection of Competition has initiated an investigation into the illegal practices of Niko Tuparev’s ring of companies, with which he drained millions from Nova TV and BTV.

Because of the numerous evidence gathered by the CPC in recent years, the commission launched an investigation into the famous TV producer Niko Tuparev, who has been draining through a complex financial and legal scheme through his own companies millions of leva from the TV shows The Bachelor, Big Brother, VIP Brother, Dancing Stars, Who want to be a millionaire, Desafio Bulgaria, The icing on the cake, Hells Kitchen, My Star Kitchen with Sylvena Rowe and many others on Nova TV and BTV. It is being investigated whether Nova TV and BTV themselves were involved in the fraudulent practice.

According to experts, based on public documents, Niko Tuparev earns profits on an annual basis through his network of related companies Old Skull Ltd. with Maya Todorova and Radoslav Tushev, FX Camera Ltd. with Maya Todorova and Radoslav Tushev, Republic of Content Ltd. with Maya Todorova and Radoslav Tushev, Two by Two Ltd. with Vitomir Sarivanov and Bulgarian Film Production Services Ltd. from their work at the national television stations BTV and Nova Television between 4. 000.000 and 7.000.000 million leva per year, draining them from the budgets of the TV channels.

Niko Tuparev worked in the cheating scheme under the patronage of TV boss Didier Stossel, who held the chief chair at Nova TV and is now head of the BTV group. The Frenchman took back fat pay-off from Tuparev to allow the scam to go on for years. Over the last 15 years, more than 100 million leva have been stolen in this way. Tuparev presented false reports to the TV stations, and Stossel’s commitment was to ensure that they were accepted by his employees and that the money was paid by the TV stations to one of the companies linked to Niko Tuparev. Stossel was the man who, for a percentage, allowed Bozhkov and Tuparev’s National Lottery on the Nova Television airwaves, known as the „heist of the century.“

Through his contact with Stossel, Tuparev appointed his long-time employee Hristo Hadjitanev as program director at BTV. The latter approved every idea for a new Tuparev show, knocked off competition projects, and provided his boss Tuparev with seamless confirmation of his false expense reports on multimillion-dollar television productions. For this activity, Hadjitanev received large sums of cash from Niko Tuparev, which became known to his colleagues at BTV, and Hadjitanev was therefore recently fired… Despite the above Stossel expecting a huge bribe helped Tuparev to produce Big Brother in the Checzh Republic this year.

The abuses in the budgets of the broadcasts with detailed analysis and documents item by item will be the subject of further journalistic investigation of

It is expected that a fine in a percentage of their turnover for 5 years back will be imposed on BTV, Nova TV and Niko Tuparev himself, as well as on his partners Maya Todorova, Radoslav Tushev and Vitomir Saraivanov, and according to familiar experts it is a fine of tens of millions of leva.

This is another huge blow to Nova TV and BTV in recent days after the loss of advertising budgets from gambling.

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